Can I make pancakes tonight and heat tomorrow morning?

Tomorrow is my son's 6th birthday and he requested chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Mornings are supremely chaotic as it is, but I'd like to make them for him. Is it okay to make the pancakes tonight, and heat up tomorrow morning? If so, what's the best way to reheat them?

  • Posted by: STS418
  • December 7, 2015


Amy December 8, 2015
Sure...if you make them smaller, you can freeze them. Then, the next day, pop them in the toaster. They will crisp up a bit and are great to eat on the run!
STS418 December 8, 2015
Hi All! Thank you very much for your advice! I made the batter last night and cooked the pancakes in the AM. I wish I could post a picture, but my son loved them!
LeBec F. December 8, 2015
yes, exactly. have your dry ingred in a bowl; have your wet ingredients in a bowl(w/o the egg). Both bowls, even with milk, can stay out no problem overnight. In the morn, add the egg; add the wet to the dry; add your choco chips and flap away!
mstv December 7, 2015
I mix up the wet and dry ingredients for pancakes separately the night before. Then in the morning, combine the two and cook them up.
pamelalee December 7, 2015
I always freeze extra pancakes in ziploc bags. To eat later, I arrange the frozen pancakes on a cookie sheet, place on the highest rack in your oven, and broil about 2 minutes per side. I love how the edges get a bit crispy. Banana pancakes are especially good!
gt9 December 7, 2015
They will be great...and you and birthday boy can celebrate! Enjoy!
boulangere December 7, 2015
You can, but you probably won't like the results, as they will be tough and somewhat dry, regardless of how you heat them. I second the motion to make the batter tonight and cook them in the morning.
gt9 December 7, 2015
Any chance you can make the batter tonight and cook them fresh in the morning? Ask birthday boy to be your helper too!
STS418 December 7, 2015
I can definitely do that! He loves putting the chocolate chips in. There won't be any issue cooking the batter cold from the fridge, right?
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