freeze mashed sweet potatoes?

  • Posted by: sallie
  • December 8, 2015


Kristen W. December 10, 2015
Yes, you absolutely can freeze it now for Christmas!
Kristen W. December 9, 2015
Yep I just used some frozen mashed sweet potato for a side dish with last night's dinner - worked great!
Shuna L. December 8, 2015
Hello Sallie,
Great idea - I do it all the time, especially when I need to make dozens of sweet potato pies! Cooked sweet potato mash will freeze best the less you've added to it. When it defrosts, it may be important to whisk it over a double boiler to re-incorporate the mass. You could also warm it slightly and give it a whirl in a food processor. My suggestion would be to put it in a glass or equally non-reactive "tupperware," with a tight fitting lid.
sallie December 9, 2015
Thanks, can I freeze it now for serving on Christmas?

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