baking time -- dave liebovitz's fresh ginger cake

the recipe says to bake for about an hour. i've made it several times and have a note that 35 mins. is enough. i just made it and did 50 mins. it could maybe be a bit more moist. hoping someone has made it and can confirm that the recipe time is way off.

  • Posted by: alan
  • May 8, 2019


Stephanie B. May 8, 2019
Food52's baking club just finished one of Lebovitz's dessert books, and I can't recall anyone who made this particular cake having issues with baking time. I didn't try this one myself so I can't confirm either way, but I'd rule out your oven as a source of blame first.
alan May 9, 2019
i made this several times in one oven, then a 2nd oven, and now i'm using a 3rd oven. i don't recall if the note to bake it 35 mins. was from the 1st or 2nd, but if it was made on the 2nd oven, then the 3rd oven is confirming the 2nd oven. i also made a tart in the 3rd oven, and the time was accurate, so it's probably not the oven, but the recipe. i will make it again, testing it at 35 mins. thanks
Stephanie B. May 9, 2019
This is probably a silly question since it seems like you know what you're doing, but are you using a 9in pan? And is it light or dark colored? My darker pans tend to bake things faster and burn the outsides more if left too long...anyway, I know Samin Nostrat's book, Salt Fat Acid Heat, has a fresh ginger and molasses cake that is probably pretty similar. I'm not near my copy to compare the two recipes and see if the baking times differ, and I can't seem to find a copy from her online :( I'll try to remember to get back to you!
Emmie May 8, 2019
I haven't made it, but in the two versions of the recipe I found online, one makes a loaf cake, and the other a very thick round cake. 45-60 minutes at 350 is what I would expect in both cases, but if your oven temperature is off, it may vary. Do you have an oven thermometer?
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