I was just given 100 Meyer lemons.beautiful! What should I make with them? How to preserve? Im thinking lemon curd and limoncello... What els

  • Posted by: Lisa
  • December 15, 2015


E E. December 21, 2015
You could also freeze the Meyer lemon juice in an ice cube tray. That would give you lovely little amounts of the juice to use throughout the winter.
Leith D. December 20, 2015
My trees are groaning with fruit right now! I use Meyers in everything......preserved lemons, ricotta and regular cheesecake, lemon chicken, preserves, mostarda, lemon curd and bars, chutney, cookies, soup, risotto and on and on. They pair well with apples and cranberries btw.
Keep them in plastic bags in the coldest part of your refrigerator. At the very least, put the zest in plastic bags and freeze it, and make Meyer lemon ice cubes that will last in the freezer so every time you need some great lemon juice it's available.
Preserved lemons make great gifts....attach a recipe! I like one with olives and apricots.
I'm sure I'll think of more as the season goes on....
That pest can be killed but it takes several spray applications and removal of every bad leaf!
Valhalla December 16, 2015
In addition to preserved in salt, limoncello, marmalade/syrup, and curd (all mandatory!)--if you need anything else, I have my eye on the meyer lemon aigre doux in Paul Virant’s The Preservation Kitchen. It's a sort of sweet and sour preserve--looks quiet versatile.
scruz December 15, 2015
i used to have that from my dwarf meyer before it was removed (don't ask). i was working at the time and didn't look beyond juicing and freezing them as ice cubes. but that was in itself a wonderful thing...to have lots and lots of frozen meyer juice for what ever use i wanted them for. so, even if you don't get to baking, cooking, preserving, pickling canning etc., the ice cubes are such a welcome addition to the larder. lucky you. incidentally, we now have a serious pest threat that can kill small citrus so i've been reluctant to put a new one in. next to the lime i also want.
Susan W. December 15, 2015
Also, it's fun to zest and juice them and freeze in ice cube trays. A bag of Meyer lemon cubes is like money in the bank.
Bevi December 15, 2015
Also, use Meyer lemon in your salad vinaigrette. 1 part Meyer lemon juice to 3 parts olive oil as the base with whatever additions you like to use. Make a big batch and keep it refrigerated.
AntoniaJames December 15, 2015
100 ways to use them, courtesy of the L.A. Times a few years ago: http://www.latimes.com/style/la-fo-meyerlemons16jan16-story.html Number 40 will make you very popular with friends and family. ;o)
Lisa December 16, 2015
Thank you Antonia! Send me your address and I will send you some!
SMSF December 16, 2015
Thank you for this, AJ!
Looking forward to using a lot of these ideas.
Nancy December 16, 2015
I know that list and have worked my way through several of them...great ideas. And fun to think about different ways to use them.
Bevi December 15, 2015
This is a fairly quick and easy marmalade - I make it for holiday gifts. https://food52.com/recipes/21381-meyer-lemon-vanilla-bean-and-ginger-karma-marmalade
Susan W. December 15, 2015
I recently made preserved lemons using Meyer lemons. Incredible and so pretty. A hint..they were ready to use really soon after I made them. Maybe a week after? Mine usually take at least 2-3 weeks.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 15, 2015
Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart: https://food52.com/recipes/10200-lazy-mary-s-improved-lemon-tart

Also, check the hotline search engine for Meyer Lemons for ideas.
Nancy December 15, 2015
preserved lemons
classic recipe - saveur.com/article/recipes/classic-preserved-lemons
Lemon Chutney - Laurie Colwin posthumous recipe Feb 1993 in Gourmet (sadly n/a on the Epicurious site)
vinophile December 15, 2015
I would do it all! Ina G has a great easy recipe for preserved lemons, NYTimes has a great 2005 recipe for limoncello, and you can also freeze the juice and make an outstanding lemon sherbet with buttermilk (recipe on epicurious).
amysarah December 15, 2015
Last summer I impulsively bought a 4 pound crate of gorgeous Meyer lemons, with no real intention. Turned into my maiden canning experience - many jars of marmalade! Easy and so good. Preserved lemons are also simple to make and wonderful to have around and as gifts. I've also made Limoncello as gifts - also not complicated - though with regular lemons. Can't see why Meyer wouldn't work well too.
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