I have a ton of meyer lemons and would like to make lemon curd. How long do you need to pressure can it for it to be shelf stable?

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Sam1148 September 18, 2011
You should use some to make some preserved lemons---which are on my mind now that I'm out of them.
So simple. Just wash and cut them in quarters, salt them and pack tightly in jars. That's it. Put in the fridge and turn them occasionally until they juice up to cover everything.

Mayer Lemons are perfect for this. With preserved lemons the rinds lose any bitterness and can be chopped and added to middle eastern stews and other dishes.

Bittman's recipe just uses the rind..so you can use that after juicing the lemons.

A more traditional recipe:
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Take a look at this infromration on how to preserve your Lemon Curd and ENJOY it
hardlikearmour September 18, 2011
I'm w/ wssmom. If you've got the freezer space, freeze it instead. It'll hold up better & longer in the freezer than canned. I prefer a lemon curd recipe that uses all yolks to help avoid getting an "eggy" flavor.
wssmom September 18, 2011
According to Blue Ribbon Preserves, by Linda J. Amendt, her recipe says that four-ounce or half-pint jars should be pressure canned for 10 minutes at 11 psi for dial gauge pressure cookers or 10 minutes at 10 psi for weighted gauge pressure cooker. That being said, many recommend freezing lemon curd instead of canning it. While Amendt's recipe calls for 2 1/2 cups superfine sugar, 1/2 cup fresh Meyer lemon zest, 4 large eggs, 7 large egg yolks, 1 cup strained fresh Meyer lemon juice (7 to 8 medium lemons) and 3/4 cup unsalted butter, chilled, cut into 10 pieces, many other recipes also call for the addition of bottled lemon juice to make sure it is acidic enough.
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