Really hope I won't be thrown out of food pickle for asking too many questions.
Here is my question today, I have bought Prime New York Strip Steak for this evening, it looks great and by all accounts should be delicious. So how do you recommend I cook it?



Jon P. January 12, 2011
Salting the meat and letting it sit at room temperature for about 40 mins before cooking is a good idea. Per Cooks Illustrated, after about 40 minutes the salt has allowed the meat to release juices, then it has seasoned them and the juices have run back into the meat. I've done it this way ever since with steak and it is fantastic.
brandon January 12, 2011
Generally, I prefer to pan sear mine. First you'll need some minced shallots, some thyme, butter, canola oil, bay leaves, beef stock, and some nice mushrooms. I get a nice cast iron pan hot- like really hot. season your beef liberally with salt and black pepper. (it is really optimal to bring the beef to room temperature before cooking it). Put a bit of canola in the pan and begin searing your steak give it a few minutes on the first side and flip. Once you turn it over add your butter (generous knob) mushrooms, shallots, and herbs. you want enough butter so there is a small pool when you angle the pan. This is important as you want to constantly baste the steak with the butter that is being enriched with the flavor of the shallots and herbs. Cook until its where you want it, then put the steak on a warm plate and tent with foil to rest. Hit the hot pan with beef stock to deglaze and reduce down. You can add a bit of sherry or balsamic vinegar if you want, or even red wine, or you can even use chicken stock instead of beef which I really like. Once the sauce is thick taste for salt and add a squeeze of lemon juice.
lastnightsdinner January 11, 2011
We cook our steaks much as melissav says. Be sure to season ahead of time and to get the steaks to room temp before putting them into your hot pan. Using grapeseed oil helps to alleviate some of the smokiness when you're searing (and you can add a bit of butter at the end for extra flavor).
melissav January 11, 2011
I like to take my steaks out of the fridge about an hour before cooking. It season very generously with kosher salt and pepper and let sit at room temperature for an hour or so. Open the windows or turn on the fan and then heat a heavy cast iron pan over high heat, add a pat of butter and a glug of olive oil and sear on both sides. Temperature indicators above are good. I find that it just takes 3-4 minutes each side for a good medium rare. If you don't want your kitchen to be a hot smoky mess, you could sear each side for about a minute and then toss in a very hot oven (450) to finish roasting.
ChefDaddy January 11, 2011
Season, sear on high heat, roast at 250F until it reaches desired internal temp. let stand for 15-20 min before slicing portions.
For Rare pull at 130-135F for medium rare pull at 140-145F and 150-155F for medium. As it stands it will rise in temp a little so be careful. If you want a perfect rare all the way through you could cook at the same temp as desired finish temp. It all depend on your desire of doneness. Good luck!
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