What should I do if I don't have time to chill a cookie dough (it's a high-fat recipe) overnight according to the recipe? Is the freezer wise?

Or could I get away with, say, 6 hours in the fridge?

Homemaker Delux


SMSF January 5, 2016
Here's another idea: after making the dough, press/flatten it into a disk (or disks) about twice as thick as you'll eventually roll it out to. It will chill really fast, unlike a ball of dough. It will also be much easier to roll out once chilled, since you'll be starting with dough that's mostly rolled out already.
Smaug January 4, 2016
Most cookies are pretty high fat- if it's not much more than 1 fat to 2 flour by volume, chances are good you could skip it entirely- certainly 6 hours is more than adequate.
Homemaker D. January 4, 2016
Thank you both! I ended up doing the ice-water bath in the fridge--I was able to leave it for ~7 hours, and they turned out perfect.
702551 January 4, 2016
Great to hear it worked out.

The Ziplock bag in an ice bath works for many things when you want to chill fast, don't want to dilute with water, and don't want to risk freezing (ice crystals forming). Plain old middle school level physics.
702551 December 21, 2015
I would stick the dough in ziplock bag removing all of the air, place in an ice water bath and stick the whole thing in the fridge.
Sarah J. December 21, 2015
Cool tip!
Susan W. December 21, 2015
Is it similar to this recipe by Alice Medrich? If so, I have chilled it for a few hours and they are still delicious and didn't spread. They were better the next day after sitting for 24 hours, but the difference wasn't gigantic.

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