sticky tart dough

i made many tarts using the america's test kitchen tart dough. never a problem rolling it out. i moved to israel last summer and i'm having problems w the dough every time. maybe the flour or confectioners' sugar is different here. like in the US, i put the food processor bowl in the freezer w the dry ingredients. i chill the butter in the freezer as well. vanilla, 1 egg yolk and ice water are then added. i found that using 3 T of ice water each time worked so i'm using that now as a rule. large eggs in israel are the equivalent of XL in the US. it's not common to see medium eggs here which would be the equivalent of the large. so i am using somewhat more yolk here, but yolks vary per egg everywhere so i can't imagine that that's the problem. and yet, after sitting in the fridge overnight, the doughs aren't as firm as in the US, and then when i go to roll it between parchment paper, it sticks to the paper. if i'm lucky i manage to scrape the "mashed potatoes" off the paper and build my dough manually in the pan. i will put the rolling pin in the freezer this time before trying to roll this latest softer dough. i also have a glass cutting board which i'll also put in the freezer before i roll it out on that. maybe that will help. any thoughts? thanks in advance



AntoniaJames May 12, 2016
Are you weighing your flour with a scale, and not scooping or otherwise measuring by volume? The flour there could be different. If you don't have a scale and are using volume measures, I would simply add a bit more flour - not too much -- and not be afraid to use a bit on your rolling surface (even between parchment). If the egg yolk seems a bit larger, you can beat it and not add all of it to the dough. Good luck, and please let us know how it turns out. ;o)
alng4768 May 13, 2016
i never weighed my flour before. i used a measuring cup. so i don't know what weight i would be looking for. i'm using all-purpose flour here as in the US. i used king arthur which is a superior flour in the US, but again, it shouldn't matter. i'm willing to try using a little more flour and/or cut down on the yolk. i will add a little flour when i roll out today and i will inform of results. thank you.
alng4768 May 12, 2016
i forget to mention that one T of cream is also added. i am using the highest fat one (like whipping cream) but it should be an issue.
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