Best frosting for Devil's food cake

any suggestions on a good frosting for devil's food cake? Cake recipe is the Rich Devil's Food Cake. Something on the lighter side might be better as dinner is mac & cheese...

  • Posted by: Bec42
  • December 22, 2015


Susan W. December 22, 2015
I second the 7 minute frosting. I love it with a rich chocolate cake. Here's the one I've used forever.
Nancy December 22, 2015
Some ideas for garnishing the cake, some not strictly frosting.
Given the desire for something light, dust the cake with confectioner's sugar, or top it with a dollop of whipped cream.
Consider serving the cake naked and with some fresh fruit.
Go big or go home: add a chocolate ganache or buttercream icing.
Go slightly sour: add cream cheese frosting borrowed from carrot cake recipe.
Go light in texture (but not sugar or calories): make a lemon or an orange curd, and puddle it around the cake.
Go old-style: raspberry coulis and a few berries added to each serving.
ChefJune December 22, 2015
I'm partial to Seven-Minute Frosting, as that's what my mom always made for our birthday cakes when we were kids. I think it's a great counterpoint to the chocolate.
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