can i add more carmelized sugar to a cold baked flan

what's a tag?

Lynda Steinberg


LeBec F. December 24, 2015
p.s. a tag is a term used to do computer searches, so you would enter 'caramel', 'flan' as your tags.
LeBec F. December 24, 2015
yes, that's easily done:
1) if the caramel that you need is still in the pan after you flip out the flan, set the caramel pan over low direct heat to liquify it further (be careful it doesn't burn) and then pour it over the flan
2) if you need to make more caramel, melt white sugar over medium heat, stirring constantly, til amber colored ; immediately remove from heat and pour caramel over flan. Let flan cool, chill, serve.
Leftover caramel will harden; for clean-up, fill the caramel pan w/ hot water,cover, bring to boil, stirring when it boils to help liquify the sugar syrup(caramel) left in the pan; discard water and wash pan.
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