A question about a recipe: Pork Stew with White Beans and Butternut Squash

I have a question about the recipe "Pork Stew with White Beans and Butternut Squash" from Merrill Stubbs. This recipe is featured in the pressure cooker article, but there are no instructions on how to modify it for the pressure cooker. Help?

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trampledbygeese December 30, 2015
Mmmm, that looks delicious.

To convert to pressure cooker, I would start with the beans. Soak according to your preference (overnight or quick soak) and give a good rinse. Cook beans with herbs and such, for the recomended time for the bean you are using (see Hip pressure cooking http://www.hippressurecooking.com/pressure-cooking-times/ ). Open with the slow release method so not to clog up your vents. Put aside beans plus liquid.

Give the cooker a wipe with a towel to dry and use it to brown the meat and fry the onions as directed in the recipe.

There are lots of ways you can go from here, but this is what I think I would do.

I would add the onions, garlic, mustard, meat, tomato, &c. The beans... But STOP - I would replace some of the broth with the bean liquid for a more wholesome taste and added nutrition. Basically toss everything but the squash into the pressure cooker. Be sure not to fill it over... someone chime in here please - is it half full because of the beans, or 2/3rds full as per normal?

Going from the table I linked to above, the pressure cooking time for pork is 15min stovetop (18min for electric) on high, with natural release.

Add the squash, put the lid back on and cook another 4-5 min (both electric and stovetop) on high pressure. Going again from the table I linked to before.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks for asking this question, now I know what I want for dinner.

aargersi December 29, 2015
Hi Juliunruly! Here are my thoughts: My pressure cooker is s stovetop one so I can use it as a regular pan as well - I would quick soak the beans (bring to a boil, turn off, soak for an hour) then pressure cook them for 8 minutes, and set aside. Then I would brown the pork as directed in the pan, and then pressure cook for 20 minutes. Then you can finish the recipe as directed, again just using the pressure cooker as the pan. That would cut your cook time down considerably!
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