Teeny Tiny Fried Lentils on Thai Coconut Rice Dessert?

I didn't know that dal were used in Thai cuisine but the Coconut Rice and Mango I recently got take-out---was garnished with the teeniest dal I've ever seen. I thought they might be urad dal, but they seemed smaller-- more the size of sesame seeds, and pale yellow color. Do you know what they were and does one see them often in Thai cuisine? Thx much.

LeBec Fin


HalfPint December 30, 2015
Looks like this? http://vnspice.com/green-mung-bean-split-without-skin/

It's probably split mung beans, slightly crushed. It's a garnish that adds a nice crunch (in my opinion). You see it from time to time on sweets and desserts from Southeast Asia, not just Thailand. It's there for a textural contrast. Doesn't add much flavor.
702551 December 30, 2015
Maybe mung beans?
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