Can I substitue curly endive for escarole in white bean soup?

Dallas unlike Toronto seems to hate escarole! It's not anywhere to be found. But there's lots of curly endive. They are in the same family, I know, but should they be in the same soup? (We're talking classic white bean/garlic/escarole soup here - nothing fancy) Thanks Food52ers!!

  • Posted by: tammany
  • December 30, 2015


tammany December 30, 2015
I know! But Tom Thumb, Central Market and TWO Whole Foods completely failed me. At which point I gave up and switched to a kale and sausage soup (I have these Marcella beans from Rancho Gordo that I just cooked and must use immediately. They are *superb*!!
ChefJune December 30, 2015
I cannot imagine there's no escarole in Dallas. Yes, it will work, but the texture will be off.
Susan W. December 30, 2015
That's maddening to not find escarole and only curly endive. It will work as far as holding up to cooking and the flavor profile is right (I find the endive to be slightly more assertive) but, the mouth feel will be a little different. No huge deal though.
tammany December 30, 2015
Thanks Susan. Yes it is maddening!! I'm glad you feel my pain:) But thanks so much for the input. I thought they could sub one for the other, but just wasn't sure!
Susan W. December 30, 2015
I totally feel your pain. :)
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