Substitute buttermilk for heavy cream in a scone recipe?

Blueberry scone recipe calls for 3/4 cup heavy cream, can I replace the heavy cream with buttermilk?

  • Posted by: Caraj
  • December 31, 2015


GsR January 27, 2016
You can also, if necessary, use full fat yogurt.
SeasonToTaste January 21, 2016
I make this substitution fairly routinely in scone recipes, and I don't think we miss the extra fat at all.
Jan W. January 21, 2016
If there is any baking powder or baking soda in the recipe...I would expect to add somewhat less baking powder than the original recipe prescribes, because the buttermilk contain sufficient acidity, and also add a small amount more baking soda as the buttermilk will react with more of it. There are some baking guides online with specify rules of thumb.
mia January 21, 2016
Buttermilk scones are awesome, you should! I've also used whole milk in the past.
Windischgirl December 31, 2015
Sure! It will be delicious, just a little less rich. I use milk in my scones and have used yogurt, whisked, in a pinch.
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