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A question about a recipe: Braised Chicken Thighs with Tomato and Garlic

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I have a question about the recipe "Braised Chicken Thighs with Tomato and Garlic" from Merrill Stubbs. I have a slow cooker with a cast aluminum insert that can go from stovetop to the slow cooker unit. Can I make this recipe a day ahead in the slow cooker, refrigerate it in the insert overnight and then reheat it in the slow cooker tomorrow? If so, how long and at what temp should I cook it today, and how long to reheat? Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

asked by Alexandra Joy 11 months ago
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added 11 months ago

I have not made this recipe but a quick scan of the ingredients make me think this would be FABULOUS made ahead and reheated. Most recipes like this really benefit from a melding of flavors overnight.
Yum! Let us know how this turns out!

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Susan W

Susan W is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added 11 months ago

It is said that using a slow cooker to reheat is risky because they take so long to reach temperature. Most brands say they take 4 hours to reach low and 2 to reach high. Of all things to reheat, that recipe is a good one because it's chicken thighs and not a 7 lb roast. To be honest, I'd probably do it, but don't tell my mom. :)

I've made that recipe many times. It's a favorite.

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added 11 months ago

Sorry, I missed the part about reheating in the crockpot. I'd probably reheat in the oven or stovetop.

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added 11 months ago

tomatoes and aluminum? not a good idea maybe.