I have a slow cooker with a cast aluminum insert that can go from stovetop to the slow cooker unit. Can I make this recipe a day ahead in the slow...

... cooker, refrigerate it in the insert overnight and then reheat it in the slow cooker tomorrow? If so, how long and at what temp should I cook it today, and how long to reheat? Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR

Alexandra Joy


LeBec F. January 3, 2016
tomatoes and aluminum? not a good idea maybe.
Windischgirl January 1, 2016
Sorry, I missed the part about reheating in the crockpot. I'd probably reheat in the oven or stovetop.
Susan W. January 1, 2016
It is said that using a slow cooker to reheat is risky because they take so long to reach temperature. Most brands say they take 4 hours to reach low and 2 to reach high. Of all things to reheat, that recipe is a good one because it's chicken thighs and not a 7 lb roast. To be honest, I'd probably do it, but don't tell my mom. :)

I've made that recipe many times. It's a favorite.
Windischgirl January 1, 2016
I have not made this recipe but a quick scan of the ingredients make me think this would be FABULOUS made ahead and reheated. Most recipes like this really benefit from a melding of flavors overnight.
Yum! Let us know how this turns out!
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