i have a glob of melted halumi...what can i do with it?!

i tried frying halumi but it all melted into a big glob. ive never used melted halumi in anything...any ideas?

  • Posted by: rina
  • January 5, 2016


scolere January 22, 2016
put cooked potatoes in an oven-proof tray and your halloumi glob over it (maybe cut in pieces) add spices (maybe lemon zest and thyme?) and plop in the oven to melt again
ChefJune January 22, 2016
The only times I've fried haloumi, I sliced it fairly thin to start with. I'm not sure melted haloumi is meant to be used IN anything. The fried Haloumi IS the event, according to my Cypriot friends.
mia January 21, 2016
If its re-solidified you could try grating it and adding it as a batter for fried chicken, or adding it to a breakfast scramble, or even make fritters out of it. If it's still warm and melty, you could do a killer grilled cheese with some other good melting cheese like cheddar.
QueenSashy January 5, 2016
You could try slicing it thinly and crisping it in the oven, and then use as snack or in salads or as a garnish, just like you would use Parmesan crisps.
pinkark January 5, 2016
I had a glob of melted raclette. I remelted it and put on roasted fingerling potatoes, diced it and added to salad.
I would put slices of glob on split baked potato, roasted chicken breast, roasted carrots, and/or roasted cauliflower slices and broil. I would also dice it and add to salad.
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