in a cake recipe that calls for oil, can i use melted butter?

  • Posted by: mcd2
  • July 29, 2013


mcd2 July 30, 2013
thanks to all!
boulangere July 29, 2013
Yes, you can certainly use melted butter in place of oil. Butter at room temperature is called for in cakes where emulsion of fats and sugars is important. In cakes such as carrot cake, emulsion is not important because it is a dense cake by virtue of its very weighty ingredients. It doesn't require the additional leavening that results from highly whipped butter and sugar, and in fact would be destabilized if it occurred.
Rebecca V. July 29, 2013
Hi-- I'm not an oil-in-baking expert, but I know that butter has milk solids and water in it, whereas whichever oil the recipe calls for would not have those. I would use clarified butter, aka ghee. That is all oils. Depends how much it calls for and what the purpose of it is, I suppose.
mcd2 July 29, 2013
its a cakey pan of pineapple bars-or so the picture looks...
mrslarkin July 29, 2013
Probably yes. Oil produces a moister cake, so you may or may not notice a slight difference in texture. what kind of cake are you making?
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