What's your favorite way to use wheat germ?

I just use it to top yogurt in the morning to add some extra vitamins to my vegetarian diet, but I love the flavor & want to get through the giant jar I had to buy. Would love creative and delicious suggestions for use!



Sarah E. January 6, 2016
I second cookbookchick--granola is my go to. That being said, I also love love adding it into my muesli. I feel lie it gives it a little more oomph.
cookbookchick January 6, 2016
I use it in my homemade granola when I have it.
Hemz7781 January 6, 2016
I dump in approximately 1/4 c. into muffin batter (usually more wholesome, wheat flour-based muffins). I'll often do a 1/4 c. wheat germ and some flaxseed meal as well. I just eyeball it to make sure together they won't make the batter too dry. I've never had a batch with too much wheat germ; it seems to just blend into the recipes seamlessly.
foofaraw January 6, 2016
usually to replace 1/2 cup of all purpose flour of any muffin and cake recipes to add the nutritions. If you are not sure, try from 1/4 cup substitution. Mine goes fast that way.
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