how can i remove bitter taste from bitter gourd and cook

  • Posted by: faria
  • January 11, 2016


QueenSashy January 21, 2016
I usually do the salt method, just like AmusingMaria described. Once. But I like a little bit of bitterness. If you do not, most of the bitterness is in the skin and in the worst case you can remove it with the peeler before doing the rest...
AmusingMaria January 21, 2016
back in my country, we coat bitter gourd with salt, let stand for 10 minutes then wash and squeeze out excess juice, we repeat the process twice (even three times) if we don't want the dish to be too bitter.
Ben M. January 11, 2016
Like most vegetables that have a slight bitterness to it you can blanch it in boiling water for around 2 to 3 minutes. Cut the vegetable up and remove the seeds and core before you blanch it. I would salt the water personally if you blanch it. Have an ice bath ready so you can arrest the cooking then go ahead with your recipe.
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