How can I get rid of the awful, bitter, tongue-enveloping taste of my persimmons?

I've cooked them and eaten them raw, have both large and small varieties, have tried them firm and quite ripe. They taste great initially, but the aftermath is terrible. I can't really find much in the way of reasoning for this... off to get my Harold McGee book off the shelf, but does anyone know how to remedy this? Thanks!!

  • Posted by: em-i-lis
  • November 11, 2012


luvcookbooks November 12, 2012
Both can taste bitter but the pointy ones are the ones that most need to be ripened to water balloon stage. wish i could find wild persimmons frozen on the tree in my area but i'm too far north.

babytiger November 12, 2012
I usually find that with persimmons that are not quite ripe.
Kristen M. November 11, 2012
Those look like a mix of Fuyu and Hachiya, or maybe another less common type.
Susan g brings up a great point -- the Fuyu-looking round ones shouldn't have been so unpleasant, so it would be interesting to hear if others were feeling your pain. What a bummer!
susan G. November 11, 2012
This may be one of those genetic taste receptor issues. Have other people tasted them with the same effect?
Beth N. December 1, 2019
They are full of al this is what is bitte4
Kristen M. November 11, 2012
It sounds like you have Hachiya persimmons, right? They're longer and pointier than the rounded sweet, crisp Fuyu, and should be eaten only when they're "water balloon ripe" -- with a spoon or pureed and baked into things like breads or cakes. You can leave them to keep ripening on the counter. My aunt also likes to freeze super ripe Hachiyas, and scoop and serve them like granita. Hope this helps!
em-i-lis November 11, 2012
Hi Kristen, Thank you for replying!!! I've got two varieties- pic attached- and both were bitter and left such an awful sensation on my tongue and teeth. I'll try again and cook longer this time- I poached mine in pear brandy and cinnamon which was good but then not. :) Thank you!
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