I made candied pecans but I think there is too much sugar, can I rinse them off?

I just want to get rid of a bit of the sugar before I add them to my salad, but I don't want them to taste bland.

Katie Martin


702551 January 17, 2016
I'd reduce quantities and blend with raw/uncandied pecans, maybe 50-50. Chop up the candied ones smaller so you don't get a big mouthful.
LeBec F. January 17, 2016
jen's on track. i would lay a small terrycloth towel in a bowl, add your nuts, fold over the towel ends like a hobo's satchel, and massage the nuts through the towel, which will rub off some of the coating. I do this all the time with canned VA peanuts that are too salty.
Jen January 17, 2016
If the sugar is still crystallized and grainy on the outside, you can rub some of the sugar coating off of them. If the sugar is melted, forming a shell around the pecans it will be harder to fix. If you rinse them, you could easily end up with sad, soggy pecans unless you them dry them in a low oven after rinsing.
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