what is the use of Baking soda in baking?

  • Posted by: bob
  • January 17, 2016


HalfPint January 19, 2016
As others have mentioned, baking soda is a leavening agent. Baking soda reacts with anything acidic (like vinegar, molasses, buttermilk, etc) to produce carbon dioxide bubbles which expand when heated and give baked/fried goods their rise.

Secondarily, baking soda helps with browning.
C S. January 18, 2016
Well, the bubbles that CV references make the dough rise, and then with heat the dough stiffens and those bubbles create the crumb. Much like yeast does for yeast bread, that is what it is called leavening, it causes the rise so that a baked product is usually higher than the level of the wet dough.
Jona @. January 18, 2016
I think it also has something to do with expanding the dough.
702551 January 17, 2016
Primary use: leavening agent.

It reacts with other components in a mixture to create carbon dioxide which forms bubbles in a batter. This characteristic is prized in baked and fried goods.
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