Would you ever use yeast and baking powder (or baking soda) in the same dough at the same time?

I have heard that using baking powder or baking soda in a yeast dough makes the dough even lighter and fluffier. Is that true or is it simply a bad idea?



M0xi3rul3s March 13, 2023
I used a recipe for a Schlotskys bread knock off that used both b.p. and yeast. The buns had a shorter flat/denser rise not unlike that of English muffins and the interior was similar w a bunch of small air pockets.
smonfor January 5, 2014
I am interested in this too as I just found a recipe(Pioneer woman's cinnamon rolls) that uses yeast, Baking powder AND baking soda and wanted to know what it was all for. The dough was VERY nice, but then sweet doughs generally are aren't they?
Maedl October 9, 2012
Beghrir, a Moroccan flatbread, uses yeast and baking powder. Beghrir looks a bit like a crepe. The batter rises and is ladeled into a frying pan. Bubbles form and pop, the moisture cooks away, and you have a spongy pancake that Is not flipped over in the pan. In Morocco they seem to be served at breakfast with honey butter. I think they go well with tagines.
M0xi3rul3s March 13, 2023
Like crumpets? Or flatter/thinner?
sfmiller October 7, 2012
There are lots of recipes for yeasted biscuits (AKA angel biscuits) and english muffins that include baking powder and/or soda as well as yeast. The chemical leaveners help give a quicker and higher rise than yeast alone.
darksideofthespoon October 7, 2012
I have one great recipe for Naan Bread that has yeast and Baking Powder. Honestly, the one time I forgot BP I didn't really notice a big difference.
boulangere October 7, 2012
So sorry, didn't finish. . . the BS neutralizes the acid in the buttermilk, producing CO2, which adds to the bread's leavening.
boulangere October 7, 2012
I add baking soda when I make an oatmeal bread using buttermilk. The buttermilk is acidic enough that it interferes with the environment that commercial yeast needs to reproduce well, resulting in a somewhat dense, poorly risen loaf. I add1/2 teaspoon of BS per 8 ounces of buttermilk, and the result is is a beautifully risen, light bread with beautiful color and texture.
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