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I would really like to do a little weekend getaway in the Hudson Valley, so I'm looking for any kind of recommendations as to where to stay, what to do, where to eat, drink, etc. I read this article: but I feel like there weren't any real recommendations of "things to do", especially during the winter. Also, I don't have a car and would be getting up there via train, so that's something else to consider. All comments are much appreciated!

Ali Worthalter


Ali W. January 22, 2016
This is excellent advice, thanks so much!
caninechef January 21, 2016
If you are doing this by train that will mean east side of the Hudson. I would probably focus on the Hyde Park/Rhinebeck area. Beacon probably the other alternative though I am not sure about close by activities other than DIA. The Beacon riverfront park is nice, maybe you could check if they have any "winter festival" type events scheduled there. If you made it up during commuting hrs on a Friday ( and the river is not iced in) you can take a ferry ride back and forth to Newburgh( I think still $1). That's fun in summer anyway. Hyde park has a Winter Fest scheduled for this Sunday if you get organized really fast. Though I think NYC will be having more of a winter-fest this weekend than Dutchess County.
Ali W. January 21, 2016
Ah yes, can't wait to see what this weekend will bring in NYC.... But thanks for your suggestions! The ferry to Newburgh sounds great. I also read somewhere that you can do indoors ice skating in that area?
caninechef January 21, 2016
There is an Ice Time Sports complex (goggle for webpage) that has public skate time. This is in a semi commercial area though and 4-5 miles from city of Newburgh/river/train. Not an area of cute B&Bs or probably not practical without a car.
There are B&Bs north of Newburgh in Milton and Marlboro areas. Buttermilk Falls Inn and spa supposed to be nice and Henry's Farm to Table there has a good rep. I also saw a listing for B&B at Belmar winery. At the right time of year I bet that is beautiful. The more usual attractions to the area though, big house tours mostly, are on the east side of river.
Sarah E. January 20, 2016
The CIA is (obviously) great, but there are loads of other wonderful restaurants as well! If you do the CIA, I recommend Pangea (though it won't reopen until 1/29). OR you could just stop by their Apple Pie Bakery Cafe for a lovely breakfast/brunch/lunch/coffee situation. Restaurants to consider in Poughkeepsie: Brasserie 292 (french inspired food, good cocktail situation), The Artist's Palette (seasonal, local fare with a full on wine bar), Mill House Brewery (On-site beer brewery, solid food with a house-made charcuterie set up), and Beech Tree Grill (tiniest kitchen you have ever seen). I've also heard Crave is good, but have never been (I think it's also a seasonal/local focus). The CIA is really the most Hyde Park has eating wise, though the Hyde Park Brewery is usually good. Oh, and the semi-famous Everready Diner is there—next to Roller Magic, an old-fashioned, family owned roller rink (where yours truly used to do roller derby :)).
There are also loads of hiking trails and historical sites to check out in the Hyde Park area (Vanderbilt and Mills Mansion are my favorites). Pk has the Walkway Over the Hudson, but it's probably too cold for that this time of year.
If you head south to Beacon, you'll find more great eateries (Poppy's Burgers, The Roundhouse, The Hop, Dogwood), as well as Mt. Beacon, the DIA art museum, and hip main street with cute/artisan shops. If you venture north to Rhinebeck, more great eats (Terrapin, The Local) and my favorite wine bar ever, The Shelter. Plus Poet's Walk for a cute walk with great views. That's also a cute town!

Unfortunately, not much by way of indoor/cold weather activities anywhere (besides eating).

Does this help at all? I can think of more!
Ali W. January 21, 2016
Wow this was so helpful, great tips! Thanks so much! As far as accommodations, any B&Bs that you know of around that area?
Sarah E. January 20, 2016
So much! Any idea which part of the Hudson Valley you're aiming for so I can help you narrow it down?
Ali W. January 20, 2016
Yes! I hear that eating at a CIA restaurant is a must... So I guess around Hyde Park/Poughkeepsie area?
stacy January 21, 2016
Oh yes the CIA restaurant is the best! I lived in Hyde Park for a bit one summer, we worked near the CIA and the smells were unbearably good. Also, their cheesecake is one of the best I've had
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