My cutlet breading does not stay crisp; any suggestions?

I've made veal cutlets. Dipped in egg/milk and then slammed with seasoned bread crumbs with parm. Fried in oil, and left to sit til dry. Refrigerated between parchment paper. Today am serving leftovers, so why is the breading soggy on the outside? Any insight would be appreciated.



Exbruxelles January 27, 2016
You're not alone: Leftover cutlets are almost always going to get soggy after a night in the refrigerator, parchment paper or not. You can try crisping in a 350 degree oven, but they're never going to be as good as they were when they first came out of the pan.
CanadaDan January 25, 2016
I find it helps to rest the first batch of meat on a drying rack while frying the rest. If you put in on a plate on parchment paper the condensation will turn them soggy. That might be the cause.
jeinde January 24, 2016
The reason the leftovers are soggy is that when you refrigerated them in the parchment, it trapped the moisture that was in the meat that was then absorbed by the breadcrumbs. If you put cutlets between paper towels briefly to absorb any extra moisture, then fried briefly, it should crisp up again.
pierino January 24, 2016
Breading before frying is a three stage process that's best done when your oil Is heating up. Before you dip them into the egg/milk you should first dredge them through flour (Wondra works great for this). Then you can dip them in the egg wash and drag them through the bread crumbs. From there straight into your hot pan. Pie pans work well for holding the flour and bread crumbs at your fry station.
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