Chicken cutlet fail - all the coating stuck to the pan!

Trying to fry chicken cutlet that has been dusted with flour, dipped in egg then Romano cheese.... All of it ended up stuck to the pan (cast iron). I really am asking for a friend!

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1 Comment

Lori T. January 3, 2021
Chicken cutlets generally fry up crispiest if they are breaded in a a final coating of regular breadcrumbs or panko. If you add in cheese, and then try to fry them in oil, even a shallow fry ends up melting and adhering the cheese to your pan. Adding a small amount of finely grated Parmesan or Romano works best if you are going to oven bake them, in my experience. There are a few other things that might also come into play. A flour coat that is too thick will peel off, because the layers can't stick to one another. The way to help avoid that is to make sure you shake off any excess after dredging in flour, and making sure it all gets coated and wet in the egg dredge. If the oil and pan are not hot enough when cutlet hits pan, that can also lead to coating separation. The coating gets saturated in oil, and comes off. For that you need a thermometer, or a way to be sure you have sizzle before you drop the cutlet. You also need to be patient while the pan heats, and watch it carefully to maintain the frying temperature.
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