Thai Pork Meatballs Recipe?

I am working on more ideas/variations for my Pork Pearl Balls.

I would like to do a Thai (non-coconut milk)version. Anyone have/seen a recipe they like for a Thai ground pork meat mixture? Thx so much.
p.s. I AM looking through the 52 'thai' recipes, but with no Recipe Index, it takes awhile, so I thought I'd also ask here. Thx for your hellp.

LeBec Fin


Susan W. February 2, 2016
The sauce that these meatballs braise in is key. However, the meatballs themselves are very flavorful. My head bounces back and forth from coating with the soaked rice, steaming and serving with a pool of the reduced sauce on the plate, to somehow braising as the SE describes and coating with cooked sticky rice. I think the first version sounds more practical. I love Pearl Balls and somehow combining these two sounds fun. I'm going to think on this more.
LeBec F. February 3, 2016
susan, you know that the raw rice won't stick to cooked meatball, right? I mean, I could braise the meatballs and then coat with a thin layer of raw mixture, and then the raw rice- and steam, but boy that seems like a lot of trouble! I could add to the raw meatball the reduced braising liquid- but that might be overkill with the other additions (lemongrass, ginger etc)? I wish you were my neighbor, susan, I'm working on this NOW! xo
Susan W. February 3, 2016
Are you positive that cooked sticky rice won't stick to cooked sticky meatballs? If not, I like the idea of using his recipe for the balls, but coat them while raw with the soaked rice, steaming as you normally would and serve his sauce that you cooked separately with your meatballs. See what I'm saying?

I agree that cooking them, covering with a layer of uncooked sounds like too much work.

Headed over for a taste. :)
Susan W. January 31, 2016
I like Trina's idea of Larb in a meatball. Larb is one of my favorite flavor combos.

I made these twice already. They are fabulous. I made them with pork the second time.
LeBec F. February 1, 2016
These look terrific susan; thx!
Susan W. February 1, 2016
They are a plate licker for sure!!
LeBec F. February 2, 2016
susan, would you plse look at the recipe from SE, and your experience of eating it, and advise me on how to adapt it to the very different dish I am working on?
Pork Pearl Balls are a Chinese seasoned 1" pork ball, raw, rolled in pre-soaked sticky rice , and steamed 10-15 min. and served with dipping sauce.

My Thai-version (from your linked SE recipe) thought is to make balls from ground pork and the paste made from lemongrass, garlic, jalapeno, ginger, fish sauce; roll the balls in the rice, steam and serve with a dipping sauce (what should that be, susan, and should it be simple or cooked down to caramelize?) The unfortunate thing w/ what i've described - is that there is no place for searing and braising the meatballs, which seems to be a major part of the finger-lickin'-good quality you described. But maybe you or others might have some better ideas....? I thought about searing/broiling the pork balls, then coating w/ the rice and then steaming, but I don't think the rice would stick to the cooked pork...... Appreciate your time!
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