My tomato soup seems a little bland. What can I add to make the soup more flavorful?

  • Posted by: GuruMom
  • February 2, 2016


Lake E. February 26, 2024
mulch and horse shavings!
Lake E. February 26, 2024
mulch and horse shavings?
Lake E. February 26, 2024
Lake E. February 26, 2024
Cavendish bananas
Lake E. February 26, 2024
Lake E. February 26, 2024
concrete mixing powder
Jona @. February 6, 2016
Grated garlic, basil and some fine olive oil would be my suggestion.
Megan February 6, 2016
You could add a small amount of nearly-caramelized onions, with a splash of balsamic vinegar at the end. I recently did this to liven up some reheated tomato soup and it helped a lot.

This may be an odd suggestion, but I usually add some drops of Worcestshire sauce to soups to add a salty, savory punch. At least for me, it's the quickest way to add complexity without completely overwhelming the more delicate ingredients.
Emily L. February 4, 2016
soy sauce? I usually add that when I made something that's meh. I've also started adding either miso paste or fish sauce to a lot of soups to give them some oomph.
Lesley S. February 4, 2016
Sugar, salt and a cup of cream!
Kristen W. February 3, 2016
...And/or you might just need to reduce it more. Also, I've never done this but I can imagine blitzing into it a little caramelized onions or perhaps some onions that have been charred under the broiler for increased sweetness and depth. You'd just have to keep an eye on the balance to make sure that tomato remained the dominant flavor. Herbs and vinegar/acid are terrific finishes but if the depth isn't there to begin with they won't give you the satisfying flavor you're looking for. Also, make sure there's enough salt in there! Good luck!
QueenSashy February 2, 2016
A hint of anchovy paste and some basil.
Kurt February 2, 2016
Ground cumin, lemon zest and mint
amysarah February 2, 2016
s+p and a hit (ahem, as in a splash) of acid - lemon juice or vinegar brighten tomato soup. A pinch of sugar can help too - not enough to make it sweet, just enough to perk it up a bit.
HalfPint February 2, 2016
Freshly grated ginger root. I got this from a Ming Tsai recipe for tomato soup. The ginger adds a nice kick.
ChefJune February 2, 2016
My "secret" ingredient for so many dishes is dried Herbes de Provence. It really adds a pop of flavor without taking over. just a small amount pulverized in the palm of your hand and added even when reheating will make a world of difference. Also a few grinds of fresh white pepper.
702551 February 2, 2016

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Emily |. February 2, 2016
A splash of red wine vinegar, a generous pinch of salt, and a pinch of sugar often do the trick and keep a balance.
Nancy February 2, 2016
A touch of cinnamon or chocolate
inpatskitchen February 2, 2016
I like to stir in a little basil oil (basil leaves whizzed in a mini processor with a little olive oil). It so reminds me of summer!
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 2, 2016
You could try adding an acid - lemon juice, vinegar and add a dollop of sour cream, creme fraiche or yogurt.
healthierkitchen February 4, 2016
Maybe lemon zest instead of or in addition to the juice?
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