HELP! I have a 6lb. 6oz. can of tomato strips in juice. (Bell Orto) I want 2 make tomato soup using the whole can and portion and freeze for later use

All I have right now is this can. I just want to surprise my girlfriend. Can anyone help me make soup out of this can? What else do need? How do I do this? HELP

  • Posted by: Jared
  • February 7, 2015


Kate P. February 7, 2015
Hi Jared, you mentioned in a comment above that you wanted to make a minestrone style soup and while this soup is not in that style at all, it is easy and super delicious - Melissa Clark's Curried Coconut Tomato Soup.

It is essentially canned tomatoes (which you seem to have plenty of), curry powder and spices and then coconut milk. You could add some nice garnishes to serve and because it is a blended soup, it would freeze and reheat well.

The recipe is in her book, 'Cook This Now', but there are many versions of it online.

Good luck!
Jared February 7, 2015
Hey Kate. Thnks! Sounds good and different. Different being the important part. Melissa Clark, I'll check it out. Thnks 4 "really" helping me out! Wish me luck. Ltr
Pegeen February 7, 2015
Also, do you have a blender or food processor?
Jared February 7, 2015
Hey Pegeen! Thnks for helping me!I wanna do like a ministrone. I do have a blender, somewhere. Guess you can tell, I'm not really a cooking guy. I just really surprise her that I can do it. She the cook. Thnks again for tryin to save me!
Jared February 7, 2015
Not a cooking guy, just bad grammer. Too used to texting. I want to surprise her. She always cooks for me, us.
Pegeen February 7, 2015
Do you want to make a creamy tomato soup with milk or cream but no veggies or pasta, or more like a tomato-based minestrone vegetable soup that could include pasta?
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