my italian grandmother stored her homemade chilli powder in the fridge and even the freezer- why does she do this and is there logic to her madness?
(p.s please spare a thought to the flood victims of australia)

  • Posted by: jessm4
  • January 14, 2011
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jessm4 January 14, 2011
thanks everyone...
what beautfiuly coloured chilli powder *casa-giardino*.
special thanks to tiggy-bee also for her kind words sent via msg.
casa-giardino January 14, 2011
I also make my own. I put it in jars. You may want to freeze it if you keep it a long time. We make some every year around this time from dry peppers from our garden. As a matter of fact, we just finished making some.
innoabrd January 14, 2011
I do keep bulk dry spice in the freezer to stop infestations, etc. But, hey, I live in Africa...
POTATO January 14, 2011
Seems like a great idea. There is capsaicin oil in dried chili powders. Storing it in the freezer or fridge would extend the shelf life and prevent the oil from going rancid.
pierino January 14, 2011
The "little bugs" appear because the eggs are already in there. Same with flour. Freezing deters them from hatching. On the other hand I don't think freezing improves the flavor of seasoning mixes in any way. In fact, the opposite.
usuba D. January 14, 2011
I keep my chili powders in the freezer also, since I make mine up from whole dried chilies. Unless the chilies or powders have been treated with heat, gas or have been irradiated, there is a good chance that little bugs could appear. I also find it keeps the chili powder fresher longer.
jessm4 January 14, 2011
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