do you think it would be possible to adapt this recipe for a slow cooker? I'd finish the potatoes in the oven, but what liquid and how much would... suggest



pierino February 15, 2016
I'm afraid I must dissent. The name itself "...all forno" means in the oven. This is a Roman classic that's hard enough to do right as it is. A slow cooker wouldn't help.
Susan W. February 15, 2016
Hopefully Emiko will answer your question, but if not, here's an article to get you started. Slow cookers all cook differently, so keep your thermometer for the meat handy. I have 3 slow cookers and they all behave differently.
jakestavis February 15, 2016
thank you, this is very helpful! thinking i'll throw in some extra aromatics and some dried fava beans I've been trying to use up.
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