A question about a recipe: White Lasagna with Leeks and Mushrooms

I have a question about the recipe "White Lasagna with Leeks and Mushrooms" from cookbookchick. Wanting to make this but guests just informed me that they don't like mushrooms...can I add sausage? or do half substituting zucchini?

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cookbookchick February 17, 2016
Sure! This is a very flexible recipe. I would use loose sausage and brown it well first. Same with zucchini-- sauté it first in some butter. I like the idea of sausage more than the zucchini. As ChefJune says, the zucchini is pretty bland. Let me know what you do and how it turns out!
ChefJune February 17, 2016
I can't imagine why you couldn't sub cooked sausage for the mushrooms. I wouldn't use zucchini as a sub - it's pretty bland in flavor compared to mushrooms, and also can be watery.
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