Pecan Oil - Tons of it. What to do with it?

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GsR February 25, 2016
My wife (z"l) used it for baking cakes and pies.
Valhalla February 25, 2016
It may be ill advised to cook it, but since you have a lot, I make my granola with walnut oil and pecan wold make a great alternative. I adapt this recipe:
HalfPint February 26, 2016
You can deep fry with it. It's got a higher smoke point than peanut oil.
amysarah February 24, 2016
I use walnut oil, which is very similar, for a simple vinaigrette (sherry vinegar, dijon, s&p) on one of my favorite salads: lettuce/arugula, sliced ripe pear and shaved Parm. But cut the pecan oil with a milder olive oil, or it can overpower the other flavors.

Toasted nut (or pumpkin seed) oils are also great drizzled on a bowl of pureed winter soup - pumpkin, butternut squash, etc.
Windischgirl February 24, 2016
Send it to me!
I think it would be a lovely addition to a salad dressing; add some pecans to the salad. I would do greens like endive, escarole, chicory, and add a tangy-sweet component like dried cranberries or orange segments.
I've made artisan breads containing nuts and the corresponding nut oil; I think a light rye sourdough with pecans and the pecan oil would be fab.
Any of the homey cakes on this site which include olive oil and nut flours would work if you subbed in the pecan meal and pecan oil. Add some lemon zest and extract to cut the richness. Or use in any chiffon cake.
Drizzled over baked tart apples with a sprinkle of granola or chopped pecans and a small scoop of nonfat Greek yogurt.
Getting hungry just thinking about this...
HalfPint February 24, 2016
Serious Eats had an article on pecan oil and essentially you can cook just about everything with it, even deep fry. Read the article, it has a lot of information and ideas for uses,
Summer O. February 24, 2016
Well that was truly edifying. I'll use it tonight.
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