The knob for my oven isn't working!

I have a Westinghouse stove from the 1970's that works just fine EXCEPT the knob for the oven. When it's "off" it's not going to the actual off position on the knob and it doesn't start turning on until it the knob is at the 350° mark. So unless I have an oven thermometer I never know what the oven temp is. I don't know how to take the knob off to see if I can fix it. Any ideas?

Jenna Ballinger
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Jenna B. March 4, 2016
I got it off!!! But how do I change the position so the knob goes on correctly?
Smaug March 4, 2016
Since it has a flat side, you probably can't change the position. You may just have to learn how to interpret it. I learned to bake on an oven without a working thermostat- it can be done. In fact, most of us probably find that there oven is off by some amount (mine needs to be set 10 deg. high). You could likely find a replacement knob from the manufacturer or on ebay, but it sounds like the problem is in the valve.
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