I have recipes that call for evaporated milk. I live outside the U.S. and evaporated milk in not available. What can I substitute?

Yael Even


LeBec F. March 5, 2016
susan, i must be missing something! why in the world would you bother?
Susan W. March 5, 2016
To me it's not a bother. Remember, I am the one who makes my own cleaning supplies. I only need it occasionally and when I make it, I use milk from organically raised, pastured cows. I also like to avoid cans and additives like carrageenan whenever I can. Evaporated milk and cream are not the same thing. Homemade evaporated milk is wonderfully and naturally sweet and perfect for iced coffee and tea. It also makes a delicious creamy soup that freezes well.
Susan W. March 5, 2016
You can make your own! It's kind of fun. Very easy, but just takes a little time. This is the method that I have used with good success. http://nourishingjoy.com/homemade-evaporated-milk-homemade-sweetened-condensed-milk/
LeBec F. March 5, 2016
NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT EVAPORATED MILK; IT WAS INVENTED TO provide canned milk when fresh milk was not available. But it IS a little thicker than whole milk, so I suggest sub'ing light cream. But you will always get your best 52 answers when you tell us WHAT you are preparing, and/or link us to the recipe.
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