on the top of the recipe - it says this makes 1 9" cake - but then the recipe talks about two pans. Do ou know if it makes 2 or 1? I only have 1 9...

..." pan, other than that I've got a 13" Thank you

Hannah McMeekin


Liz D. March 6, 2016
Given the amount of flour, sugar and eggs, this makes 2 9-inch layers, which are then put together to make the 2-layer "1 9-inch cake" that it speaks to at the top of the recipe.
Susan W. March 6, 2016
If you want to use your 9x13 instead, here is a conversion table that a lot of the bakers here use.
Smaug March 6, 2016
Better to learn how to do the arithmetic, it's not hard. In this case, your 9x13 pan is about double the volume of the 9" round; you could bake the layers separately in the 9", or make a single layer in the 9x13 and cut it in half for a rectangular cake. Or buy another 9" pan, a good idea if you plan to make many cakes.
Smaug March 6, 2016
Unless you mean it's 13" round, you didn't actually say 9x13 (a common size for a rectangular pan). That would also be about twice the size of a 9" but I'm not sure what you'd do with that.
702551 March 6, 2016
It's a *layer* cake. One pan is for the top layer, the other pan is for the bottom layer.
702551 March 6, 2016
Step #3 clearly instructs you to put the second layer on top of the first layer after the latter has been frosted.
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