Cooking times for reduced recipes (meat)

My recipe for lamb shanks says 2 1/2 hours for 6 shanks @ 1 lb each. I have 2 1-lb shanks. Would one hour be enough?

  • Posted by: DebJ
  • March 6, 2016


DebJ March 6, 2016
Thanks, Greenstuff and pierino. Off to start cooking!
Greenstuff March 6, 2016
No, the point is that you want to cook them long and slow, regardless of how many you have.
pierino March 6, 2016
I agree with Greenstuff. Lamb shanks benefit from long, slow cooking. You might consider "Frenching" the bone if you know that technique. It causes the meat to ball up for a more attractive presentation as well as make them easier to cut into at the table.
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