has anyone used world market paper bundt tins?

will one cake recipe fill all 4 tins? they are 5" base x 2.8" tall x 5.6" wide around top....

  • Posted by: olive
  • March 8, 2016


Lindsay-Jean H. March 9, 2016
Hi Olive - this post might be a good reference for you: https://food52.com/blog/13239-how-to-make-your-baking-recipe-fit-your-pan-size And I noticed that not too far down in the comments of the post a question was asked and answered about calculating the area of bundt pans.
olive March 9, 2016
Thank you Lindsay-Jean I will check this out !!!
olive March 16, 2016
In case anyone needs this answer---I ended up winging it and used a standard cake recipe and it filled the 4 tins almost halfway- they rose a bit and came out looking like giant chocolate donuts, in that they were flat (ish) - next time I'd use three tins instead of four to make taller cakes.
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