Citrus Juicer ....anyone?

Looking for help in deciding which one to buy. Should I buy the hand held one? I have one that needs replaced but I love the tall beautiful one that sits on the counter top. Both? Help!

Amy Graham Clawson


ariel A. March 11, 2019
If you decide on a handheld citrus press, I am a big fan of my kitchen aid one! I've had ceramic ones (which chip) and stainless steel ones (two flimsy) in the past, and I find this one to be sturdy and dishwasher safe. I love the concept of a beautiful countertop citrus press like in cocktail bars, although I do wonder if the could be a pain to clean?
ariel A. March 11, 2019
ariel A. March 11, 2019

(Shoulda spell-checked!)
Smaug March 5, 2019
I use a hand held one, and it's OK. I sometimes juice a lot of citrus and I looked into the countertop ones, but online reviews of even some pretty high end ones were not encouraging; there seem to be a lot of problems with inadequate handles, dubious materials for pitchers etc. Of course a lot of those reviews are from dubious sources, but there were quite a lot of bad ones.
Juanita C. March 5, 2019
Hand held.
Be a prepper!
No electricity!
Emma March 5, 2019
Chef'n handheld with gears works excellently for me.
louisez March 4, 2019
I use both -- electric one when I'm needing to juice a bunch of citrus. Lemon pies much easier to make, for example. I have a Cuisinart, which works fine. I like having both.

Nancy March 4, 2019
A few reactions, similar but not identical to Lori's.
You have more information than we do about how often and for what volume you need a juicer.
If most days (4 or more per week) and a high volume, yes get a stand model (whether manual or electric) with a measuring cup underneath the squeezer.
If it's only a day or two a week and/or small volume, go for a small manual squeezer now. I find the metal ones with two handles worth their cost...they have enough leverage to get more juice out of the fruit than most other models.
If you do end up buying two, make sure at least one has a big enough cone to use on large oranges and grapefruit.
Nancy March 5, 2019
Correction. Meant to refer to Laurie's comment
Laurie March 4, 2019
I would say it depends how much you use it. I love my homely little Black and Decker. It works well and it easy to clean and store out of sight. Holds about 32 oz. and cost $40. I use it primarily to juice lemons for sauces and vinaigrettes and sometimes for fresh orange juice for my daughters.
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