Connecticut recs, please!

Hi! I'm going to be driving through CT on my way to Providence from NYC tomorrow morning early--is there any must-try diner or breakfast along the way? Thanks!

Mei Chin


RussellW March 13, 2016
Chips is the place to go.
amysarah March 12, 2016
Probably too late to be helpful now, but a few years ago we had breakfast at Kitchen Little (or maybe Little Kitchen) right by the Mystic River Marina. Great location and big breakfast menu. I think it was maybe 10 minutes or so from 95.
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 11, 2016
Hi - I live in CT off of I-95, exit 10. Not sure of your driving route but near me the best diner is Post Road Diner, Darien. Easy on and off the exit. My personal favorite though is Chips Family Restaurant in Fairfield - Yum! They both have websites. If you're driving through on the Merritt there are different options.
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