Any suggestions for half a recipe of brioche dough besides cinnamon buns or sticky buns..thnx!



Stephanie G. March 18, 2016
You could do doughnuts or little brioches with the round balls in a tin for a roll. Or maybe some kolaches with sausages.
dinner A. March 17, 2016
Make craquelin (the Belgian sugar and citrus zest-studded brioche rolls, not the sugar topping for cream puffs also called craquelin). They are one of my favorite breakfast treats. I haven't made them myself, but these instructions seem like they would make something like what I've eaten ( , although the ones I've eaten had lumps or broken cubes of some kind of brown sugar, which I think is nicer than the white suggested in that recipe.
NYNCtg March 17, 2016
Jelly Doughnuts.
burning-ice March 17, 2016
Make little bunnies for Easter.
ktr March 16, 2016
I'd probably just bake it as a small loaf of bread or rolls. It might bake a good crust for a dessert pizza.
ktr March 16, 2016
Ugh. Make, not bake. Although you would have to bake it.
HalfPint March 17, 2016
I agree make rolls of some sort. Brioche rolls make wonderful slider or sandwich buns.
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