what to serve with risotto milanese

Hi! I'm making a risotto Milanese tonight and am trying to figure out a protein to go with it. I am going meat-lite lately and don't want anything too heavy; leaning towards seafood. Any suggestions would be great!

Reenee Gangopadhyay


Jim T. June 6, 2019
l learned Risotto Milanese from my college roommate's Mom (they're from Milan). She served it with chicken piccata, and the Italian twist on the French haricots verts (green beans with cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar). She said a light fish would also work.
Susan W. March 19, 2016
Osso Bucco is my very favorite pairing with Risotto, but it's hardly light. As others have said, an impeccably fresh piece of fish would be very nice. I've also served steamed clams and/or mussels. It really depends on your audience which way you go.
Maedl March 19, 2016
I think I would make a risotto with mushrooms or asparagus, serve a platter of antipasti or make a big salad and call it a day. Oh--with wine, of course! Here are some recipes
from Saveur to give you some ideas--the spelt-red beet risotto sounds good, as does the risotto with scallops. I like risotto, but after the first few bites, it gets a bit boring, so that is why I like some of these ideas.
702551 March 18, 2016
Well, the traditional seafood match would be a Piemontese style fish dish. These lean heavily to local trout or tench (which is similar to carp in some ways). Grilled or poached would be the typical cooking methods, as would the use of sage and/or bay leaves as seasoning.

At a traditional Italian table, the risotto would be served as a small separate course before the fish course, not as an accompaniment.

Anyhow, good luck.
Rhonda35 March 18, 2016
I don't think a protein is required, frankly. However, if you want one, shrimp or mussels would complement the risotto, cook quickly and add a delicious layer of flavor to your meal.
irina March 18, 2016
Why don't you add some mushrooms and just have that? I just had a risotto Milanese with trumpet mushrooms and black truffles. It was divine!

I sometimes serve risotto Milanese with lamb shanks also.
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