What protein would go well with the double mushroom risotto?

I am making the double mushroom risotto and need a protein to go with it, I was looking at come herb chicken breast recipes, what are your suggestions?

Diego de la Torre


ChefJune January 25, 2017
I'm most often inclined to serve mushroom risotto as the main dish with a cooked vegetable (maybe carrots with capers?) and a beautiful crisp salad to provide the crunch to the meal.
PHIL January 25, 2017
What about a duck breast? Chicken breast is okay but if you going to the trouble of making risotto why not bring it up a notch?
caninechef January 25, 2017
If this was for a entertaining situation I would consider combining 2 of the previous ideas. Serve the risotto as a main but precede with a protein first course, the chicken livers sound like a great idea.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 24, 2017
I think chicken is a great pairing with the risotto. Check the search engine on the site for chicken breast recipes and see what you like.
irina January 24, 2017
Depends how much risotto you plan to serve each diner but I serve it as main or side to Osso Buco or Braised Lamb Shank.
Nancy January 24, 2017
Three ideas...see if any appeal.
Veal goes well with mushroom. Use veal stock to make the risotto and top it with thin slices of roasted veal.
Chicken livers. In this case, use chicken stock for the risotto.
One or two poached eggs per person, atop the risotto, to break open and mix the yolks with the risotto. Best quality chichen eggs or something exotic if available near you...duck, plover, or peewee (mini) chicken eggs.
MMH January 24, 2017
I would serve the risotto as a main dish with a salad.
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