For the Genius Chocolate Dump Cake, Can I use a bundt pan rather than a tube pan? Will it change the baking time>

  • Posted by: Jenn
  • March 19, 2016


Smaug March 19, 2016
About the only problem you could have with this sub is that Bundt pans can make it a little harder to remove the cake. I haven't made this cake, but that can be a nuisance with sticky cakes. They're harder to clean too, and of course they stick badly if not cleaned well, but usually they're no problem.
Shalini March 19, 2016
Me too. I always use a bundt pan and it comes out just fine. It's a wonderful cake, good luck!
Regine March 19, 2016
It should not. I interchange tube pans and bundt pans often without any major differences in baking time except for angel/chiffon cakes which need a tube pan.
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