Halving a babka recipe - adjustments to recipe?

I'm making a babka (recipe from Ottolenghi's Jerusalem, the chocolate krantz cake), but I'm kind of restricted with time and oven space, so I'll just be making one of the two loaves that the recipe calls for. Should I just halve the recipe, or are there any other adjustments that I should be aware of?

Ali Worthalter


HalfPint March 21, 2016
From looking at the recipe, I don't see any issues with halving the recipe, though it's going to be a pain to halve 3 eggs. Not impossible, just a bit of a pain. I recommend beating the eggs together and using only half the volume. Use the other half of the eggs in an omelet or scramble.
HalfPint March 21, 2016
Forgot, no adjustments to time or temperature either.
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