How long is an opened container of hummus good? Would that be the same for homemade hummus?



Francisco G. July 12, 2019
I have an unopened Sabra brand hummus with an expiry date of April 2019. It is not bloated or bubbling and taste like regular Hummus. I am eating it now, would never do this with unpasteurized or home made hummus. 3 months.
mvangraaf April 6, 2016
Trying to say Thank You for these helpful comments, but unable to answer each individually! Hope this appears......!
Susan W. April 5, 2016
Sam wins the prize. Here's what still tasty says.
Em April 5, 2016
I've eaten 3+ week old hummus, and it tastes just as good! Hummus may dry out a little if uncovered, or develop spots of mold, but these are superficial nuisances. Once removed, you can still enjoy the rest of the container. You'll know the hummus has gone bad if it tastes sour.
Kristen W. April 5, 2016
Personally, I'm OK eating hummus that's more than a week old (when I buy it I usually get it from Trader Joe's). The texture might suffer a little but it's still OK to eat.
Sam1148 April 4, 2016
I'd say about a week. Factory stuff maybe a bit shorter as you don't know how long it's been sitting there---those should have a 'best by' date.
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