How long will homemade hummus keep in the fridge?

I just made a huge batch - my first and I'm wondering what took me so long since it's leaps and bounds better than the stuff I've been paying five bucks for at the grocery store -- and I'm wondering about its fridge life..?

  • Posted by: Midge
  • June 5, 2011


Nancy December 10, 2014
my notes say somewhere between 3 or 4 days and a week max, in fridge. If I keep it more than a week, it tastes OK but not great. Yes to freezing in small batches - tastes fine when defrosted. I'm going to try the Gourmet ratio (1/3c lemon juice to 2c chick peas) rec by Susan G to see if that's any better than what I'm using now. Also, there are lots of great variations out there - hummus with pb (Nigella, I think), hummus with half garbanzo half black bean, etc. Have a look around
Wellington W. December 9, 2014
Homemade hummus lasts 119 hours in the fridge until it starts to degrade and taste funky. Hope this helps!
Miguelito April 19, 2014
Try damping a paper towel with lemon or lime juice and spread it across the top of your hummus, inside the container. This prevents staleness and browning. This keeps for a few days longer. Also works with guacamole
nancy November 25, 2013
2 days
Sujatha September 2, 2013
I'd say a week or less, especially if you double dip !!!!!
Daria F. January 3, 2013
I just made my first batch a few days ago and store 2 portions in the freezer, since it worked great for my pestos, fruit butters etc
regesthan September 11, 2012
don't try to keep it in longer than 1 week or else it will rot.
1 week is maximum.
regesthan September 11, 2012
about 1 week I never tried to keep it longer than that
Panfusine March 22, 2012
4-6 days., I've never tried to keep it beyond that.
bigpan March 22, 2012
WOW ... You don't eat it all right away !
I've kept it in the fridge with no problem for two weeks. It is also very nice served warm ... put in the nuker for a few moments and top with some Moroccan spices ... very nice.
Sadassa_Ulna January 8, 2012
I should have read this first before posting my recent question.
Midge June 7, 2011
Ooh I have to try preserved lemon next time. I actually used lime juice in mine since I had no lemons and it came out great.
healthierkitchen September 12, 2012
I make mine with preserved lemon now and I love it this way!
susan G. June 7, 2011
I just remembered an accidental discovery -- once when I had no lemons, I used cider vinegar instead, and the hommus seemed to last longer. It's a different taste, but a good alternative. Another thought: I have looked at many recipes for hommus, and the amount of lemon juice can vary a good bit. In my standard recipe (found in Gourmet magazine, in a letter, years ago) there is 1/3 cup lemon juice to 2 cups of chick peas (cooked). Since the acid must act as a preservative, I assume this upper end amount helps keep it fresh. And, lately I've been playing with preserved lemon in lieu of fresh juice -- that may also help.
Nancy December 10, 2014
please give us a link to that recipe - couldn't find with Google search...
kcrose210 June 7, 2011
ChefJune I never thought of that but I will definitely start trying it. I was already planning on making some tonight too.

I have found that as long as I make 2 cups or less we can consume the hummus before it goes bad, usually with in 10 days
ChefJune June 7, 2011
I've never thought of freezing it, either. But I have discovered it keeps fresher longer if you store it in glass rather than plastic.
Midge June 7, 2011
Thanks everyone! Never thought about freezing it susan g but I may give it a try.
susan G. June 6, 2011
I put a week's worth in the fridge, then freeze the rest in similar amounts.
braisinfoodie June 6, 2011
I have a batch in the fridge that is on it's 8th day and it, as of right now, still tastes great!

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beyondcelery June 6, 2011
I give mine a week. It helps if you store it with a thin layer of olive oil over the top (which is, incidentally, the best way to serve it!).
Midge June 6, 2011
Thank you the professor!!
the P. June 5, 2011
certainly a week. maybe two?
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