How do you make homemade hummus?

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mensaque October 31, 2012
My great-grandfather was from Syria,so my great-grandmother learned from him(she was from Spain)all the traditional recipes,and fortunately my mom learned from her so that I could tell you right now that...Sam's recipe gets pretty close to the original,hahaha!!! Sorry,Sam,love you but I would use lime juice instead of lemon and add black pepper.For a pound of chickpeas,that I cook and peel when I'm feeling like it --or when I'm lying,cause I really just cook them-- (and that's a lot of hummus,so you might wanna cut the recipe in half),I use the juice from 4 limes,at least 6 cloves of garlic(you heard me!),1 cup of olive oil,salt and pepper to the taste,and 4 tbs of tahini(I usually leave it out,but Sam is right on that one:it's a key ingredient!).I use a blender.Do it little by little or you won't have a blender no more when you're done.Some water from the chickpeas might help,but not too much or it will get runny.Leave it in the fridge,it's always better the next day.
davidpdx October 31, 2012
Same basic process, but try adding cumin and a splash of lemon juice.
davidpdx October 31, 2012
Same basic process, but try adding cumin and a splash of lemon juice.
ATG117 October 30, 2012
From a source you can trust:
miss J. October 30, 2012
My recipe is same as above except I like to add a few shakes of Tabasco
CHeeb October 30, 2012
I drain a 15.5 ounce can of Garbanzo/chick peas -reserving the liquid. In a blender,combine drained chick pease, a fresh or roasted garlic clove( I prefer roasted as it is milder) ,a tbsp of lemon zest, a tbsp of tahini paste, two tbsp of EVOO, and blend until thickly smooth like chunky peanut butter. I taste for salt at the end and stir in one of several flavorings- black olive slices,chopped parsley,red bell pepper, browned onion bits- all are excellent additions individually or combined.If you prefer a thinner hummus,add back some of the drained liquid or plain water if the drained liquid is too salty. If it still seems more pizazz, squeeze some lemon juice in to liven the flavors. This will get better after it sits for an hour or two, and keeps several days in the frig.

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Sam1148 October 30, 2012
I use canned chick peas; yes, I know---but I want Hummus NOW, and not after soaking and cooking.
Drain the juice from the can and reserve. Put the beans in a mini-prep food processor with some garlic and blend down...add in salt, a table spoon or more of lemon juice, a couple of table spoons of tahini (sesame paste--it's a vital flavoring in hummus), add some olive oil and blend again adding a bit of reserved liquid until it's smooth.
You can find tahini at most better supermarkets, whole foods, health stores, and middle eastern stores. Sold in glass jars with the oil on top so you do have to blend in the oil with a knife before using---like natural peanut butter.
Proportions of the add-ins are up you...some like it more tangy with more lemon, or more or less garlic, and more taste as you go add more what's missing (don't forget salt).
em-i-lis November 1, 2012
Agreed!! I like 3-4 cloves of garlic, juice of 3 lemons and some parsley (this is for 1 cup of dried garbanzos, soaked overnight).
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