Purple carrots

I love purple carrots because I think they have a great taste in addition to being pretty. Does anyone have any new recipe ideas? I've read this https://food52.com/blog... and perused my usual sources.



Wendy F. April 9, 2016
Wolfgang Puck has a wonderful apple coleslaw recipe which uses grated carrots. Purple
carrots grated along with grated orange carrots would make this salad visually attractive as
well! You can find this wonderful recipe on the Food Network website.
ktr April 8, 2016
I've never used them any differently than regular orange ones.
702551 April 7, 2016
Since I don't use recipes, I don't have any purple carrot-specific recipes to offer, however my main suggestion would be to combine the purple carrots with regular orange ones and maybe the light yellow ones for visual appeal.

However, if you pickle carrots, you should consider keeping the purple ones separate as the color will dye the other ones.

For the baby purple carrots, I like to cut on a bias (diagonally) since I think it looks better.

Otherwise, I think you can use the purple carrots fairly well in many dishes that you might use regular orange carrots in.

Good luck.
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